FG - General The Person with the last post wins!

Ohhh, but this time, your future is already determined: failure it is!
I have my head over my shoulders... and I know exactly what is happening here: YOU are the one dreaming, because if victory is the taste you're feeling, that can only be your senses deceiving you while sleeping!

Now submit to my power, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

(I can see that! Also, you're improving your expressions. Cool.)


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Ehhh... This thread already turned into a roleplay? I'm winning again!


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I think someone here is being misled. Have I told you that before that my victory is already assured. You are not to decide someone's fate. And why would I submit myself to someone who is worthless?
And look! There this other one wants to steal the scene! You will never make it with that weak oomph.

I will crush anyone who will go against me and who will defy me. You are no match against my power! Bow down to me and I'll give you mercy!

(I hate to be rude. But in this case, I have to hahahaha... GO ROLEPLAY!)
Worthless?! ME?? HOW DARE YOU??!
You've forced my hand. Now I'll have no mercy on you... PREPARE TO BE EXTERMINATED!

And I don't care how many lackeys of yours you bring to this fight! I'll eliminate them all... and you'll be the one to blame for their misery... including this Lala that most likely is your secret ally. No one will defeat me. NO ONE.

(Nah, not that rude so far. Still, silly game on the run, so no comment should be taken seriously.)


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I was hoping we would not meet each other again. But here you are. This is meaningless! I don't need an extra hand to crush someone as delicate as you. You are the one who is in misery. It is clear that you are a perfect bait for hungry lions. Your words is as empty as your soul. You have a fragile grip on reality. It's over now! You should quit the game.
Otherwise, you're nothing but a hot air. Go and take a breather. Get it! HA! HA! HA!

(I think I did it this time hahahaha...)
My words are heavier than your deceitful threats. Watch as I demolish your "unneeded" extra helper, and then tremble in fear knowing you'll be next.

And make no mistake: the only one in need of a breath will be you, once I strip the air out of your lungs!

(And I thought I sounded like a villain! Now you come and sound EVEN MORE like a bad guy. This is getting too intense... hope no one bans us from the site!
BTW, I laughed at the breather part. It was genuinely good.)


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Oh! So you know how to take threats. If that's the case, it is a threat. If there is someone who is deceitful here, that would be you. Stop deceiving yourself. You can't do anything. You should know. Fear me. Why? I will crush everything you possess, even your desires and your future. You will never see tomorrow again and forever.


(Do I really sound like one? I think I'm still half way of being a villain. Yes! It is getting intense. Splendid! Brilliant! Let's just put things in minimal or we might get ban. I hope not.)
(That breather part, it just came out of the blue. It was good! yeah!)