question about fanfiction.


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Hey all,

Question. There is this site As the name implies it is an S&M site starring our Sailors. I have a few stories
based on a tale called "Downtime" where Uranus and Neptune "play" with Jupiter (not necessarily in a sexual way) and there are a
few cartoons where the Outers play with the Inners. (And no Saturn or Mini-Moon if you are wondering-that would be gross) Anyway,
So my question: If I were to make the tales PG for this site, would they be acceptable (that is no hard sexual reference)? I figured I would
ask so I don't get banned for inappropriate material.


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Hi @Neilred!
I believe it is better not to post any stories containing any inappropriate material (obscene, even if it just a joke) even how light it is. There are minor member in this forum. They very often to show up or will just appear suddenly.

I can't remember when did I mention something about this. To tell you the truth, I love "lily" (if you know what that mean) and I used to read them a lot before. It's hard not to share something like that "thing" ya'know. But I guess it's all for the best.

Well, that's all I can say. I hope this'll help you.

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I was thinking the same thing. Most users in this forum (even though they might not be the most active) are minors, so posting sexual content is definately a no-no. Even subtle sexual content might get you in trouble, so it's better if you can keep those interactions as PG as possible. If I ever wrote/drew romantic stories for this site I'd wouldn't go further from kissing, smooching and hugging. Maaaaaybe a double meaning phrase, but that would be it.

As for that link you posted, I saw it has an warning about the content that's in it (good thing), but still if I were you I would delete it, just in case you could get banned.

Anyway, hope you can post your stories here without getting into trouble. I'm sure you gotta have plenty of ideas to share with us!