FG - General Guess the Character! (Magical Girls)

Hi there, Pretty Guardians and Handsome Defendors! Let me propose a game that will challenge our knowledge of the maho shojo genre...

The title of the thread is self-explainatory: someone thinks about a character (but doesn't say it, of course!) and gives some clues. Then the rest of the players make questions, that can only be answered by "yes" or "no".
The main goal is to (surprise!) guess the character.
The one that correcly adresses the character wins, and so, has to come up with a different character for the rest to deduce.

Some extra rules:
-The game is turn-based, which means that double posting wouldn't be allowed.
-Clues can be anything, from riddles, to blurred images, theme songs...
-As the title says, this time we'll just play with characters from magical girl series: manga, anime or videogames.

Alright, what do you say? Like the idea?
I can start. Ahem.
In time and time again, one repeats and never ends. Though even when all seems won, all is lost instead.
Oh, hehehehe... I think I might be getting closer to the answer...
Is she a "walking arsenal"?
Well, you could say that...
Hohohohooooomu... So, I'm going to take a shot...
Is the character the corageous, badass and "cycling" Homura Akemi?
Just kidding, yes, it couldn't possibly be anyone else. You were stalling, weren't you?
Yep, a little. I suspected who she was with your first clue, but I wanted to make sure before asking.
BTW, your riddle clue was greatly written! Sounds so poetic...
Well, at least the moment lasted. Thank you. My on-the-spot riddles either turn out great or shockingly terrible. Your turn?
Seems that way. Let's go with another "riddleous" clue:

It is said that after lighting comes thunder, but in her case, two thunders come before her shining ray of life.
All hail the queen.
Is this character younger than 10 in the first season?
Is the character related to planets?