Favorite Magical Girl Battle?


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I'm sorry, I don't think I saw a discussion thread for this so feel free to delete it if there's one. :)

What's everyone's favorite battle scene in a magical girl anime?

I'd say I'm really fond of the first Sailor Moon battle at the end of season one - Princess Serenity vs. Queen Beryl. I think everything about that battle, from the imagery to the music used, is simply iconic.
I... I think we don't have any thread like this... which makes little sense, since it makes for a great discussion!

I'll have to check all the battles featuring mahou shoujos, since right now, I couldn't tell. Although I can say the most intense battles I've seen came from the Precure franchise. I love the fact that they fight like... errrr... like actual fighters... you know... punching and kicking... I dunno why, but I enjoy those fight scenes a lot, specially when they are fighting a major villain. Feels like a shounen anime starring magical girls, how cool is that?!


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Oh yeah, that's a good point! PreCure seems to be the only magical girl show that uses hand-to-hand combat for battles. Probably just one of the reasons why the PreCure franchise remains so popular. :D
I mean, we have all seen how Magical Girls fight using spells and such, and making cute poses and everything that the genre was known for, but something like THIS?! (Click on it to enjoy the coolest gif on the internet)

Watching that... makes me feel like a child again. Cute and badass female characters with such well design costumes fighting intimidating-looking villains superhero style.
I FRIGGIN' LOVE it. Period.
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My favorite Magical Girl battle is the Sailor Moon vs. Sailor Galaxia battle in the final episode of the 90s Sailor Moon anime since it's very amazing and intense.