Where to purchase Precure merch?


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I've been wondering if there are actually any (safe and legit) websites that sell Precure merch for decent prices?

I'm located in the U.S. so it is extremely hard to find Precure merch anywhere..
The only website I know that has Precure merch is Amazon.com but majority of the time all the prices are really high ranging from 10 dollars to 100 dollars and up!!

(I know that really the only way to get legit Precure merch is in Japan but that's too far away. ;-;)

Does anyone know of any websites/places that sell Precure merch, like any Japanese sites that are reliable and sell Precure goods at a decent price + can ship internationally/ to the U.S.?

Any help will be appreciated!>.<


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Amazon Japan and Yahoo Auctions Japan have lots of things but I'm guessing a lot of it wouldn't ship to the U.S.
You could still try Amazon U.S. though. I feel like we may have gotten a Pretty Cure art book from there while we still lived in the states.


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I'm in Canada, I ordered from Amazon Japan and Mandarake so numerous times and had it delivered to a Canada address. No issues whatsoever.
- Just a reminder that international shipping is expensive if too heavy (or oversize) parcel.

Mandarake, Yahoo Auctions Japan, and Amazon Japan is good site.
Other site: amiami