FG - General The Person with the last post wins!

Shh shh, just drink your tea before it gets cold and try not to question their antics.
The tea is darjeeling, if you must know. They might hear you if you're that loud, but I'm sure they have microphones everywhere, so sound levels matter not.
At least we have tea? And we aren't having our limbs taken. Yet.
Yeah, it would be unfortunate that tHEY WOULD TAKE AWAY OUR LIMBS?! *spills the tea*
What kind of... creatures are out there? How do you know about them?
*Is clearly asleep*
(Wakes up again and resumes drinking tea*
It is merely a hypothesis from a sleeping person who happened to catch a glimpse of the candy-making factory.
Exactly! We could just be sitting in a room with the void outside. And the game is 'who is the last to be tempted into jumping into the void?'
Shh, shh, chamomile tea is good for calming madness. Drink some tea.
I wonder what this does... [CHARGE=]Cake[/CHARGE] [CHARGE=]5000000[/CHARGE]
I wonder if it is a sign for us to fight for the most amount of money.
If you click the shop tab thing on the top bar thing, it will all make sense. I think every time you make a post, you get some, but it may be some other magic...
[CHARGE=Loco del Lápiz]1[/CHARGE]


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I haven't tested yet.

EDIT: Oh yeah, [CHARGE=123]here[/CHARGE] simple.
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Oh, I see.
-=Stripped Content=-

Edit: Does that work? ^


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Nah, didn't work.

^ its an error display because of the group permission system.

However, I fixed that the group permissions now. Can you please try again for new reply and let me know? It should work now.