Superhero Movies!

Someone had to make this thread. For the greater good. For people to know that we are part of a bigger universe... we just didn't know it...
I HAD to make this thread. I could have made it about the comics (the source material), but I prefered starting with the films, since it's probably the most popular medium that these kind of characters are featured in.
So, you entered this thread thinking "oh, yeah, I've heard about those Avengers guys and the Justice League and HOW MANY OF THOSE ARE THERE??".
Perhaps you might say "ugh, no more of these overpowered guys, please, I hate them".
Or, if you're like me, you've thought "Avengers GUYS? What about Black Widow, Scarlet Witch or Captain Marvel?? THOSE ARE NOT GUYS!... and I got the first line. I understood that reference". In that case, this is the place for you.

Here, I invite you to share your thoughts about this box-office successful genre and if you have seen any films about Wonder Woman, Superman, Doctor Strange... or any other caped crusader you know and love!


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I recently watched Spider-Man Homecoming and really enjoyed it. Thought it was quite well-done, and Tom Holland as Peter Parker was a brilliant casting choice.


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I am not really into western superheros, but I do watch Iron man and Spiderman. I do enjoy watching their movies though...


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Spiderverse surprised me. I was not expecting it to be as good as it was...felt great to be watching a movie that really lived up to its own hype. 😁
Into the Spider-verse is definately my favourite Spider-man movie since the original trilogy: it felt so fresh and different, but without betraying its source material from the comics. And that has in itself has to be praised, considering how the Spiderverse storyline in the comics is quite a complicated one. Having to also introduce Miles Morales' origin story while making a new story with Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy was incredibly difficult.
But even with all those odds, the creative team behind the film succeeded! AND LOOK A THOSE VISUALS!!