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Ohmigosh this show is so sweet and so pure . Season 1 got off to a bit of a rocky start , tho Season 2 seems to have a solid idea of what it·s going for . Anya is such a delightful treat . I would shed blood for her . Like in S02E08(!) .

Also , despite WotC cutting the tree fort off at the root , Project Strix is airborne . I·m really liking this trend of "if you know us you know us , we aren·t telling you our real names" . Given everything that·s happened , ie MtG getting sucked under the Top Ball and getting weaponized against the two Archetypes who demonstrably began it , i think that that level of extreme caution is extremely necessary .

Clearly , SPYxFAMILY is a show that , like Prima Doll or Luminous Witches , recognizes that we live in dark times , and yet we still have to raise our younglings and look after the next generation . Overall the show showcases both Love and Courage , in a way that lightheartedly prepares youths for uncertain days ahead .


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