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RP Rules & Guidelines
Last Updated: January 4th, 2019 - 1:13PM (Eastern Time)


What is role-play?

Basically, Role-play (RP) is a social activity in which players assume roles of their own fictional characters and interact with one another.
All participants help shape the story and characters through joining the story. Its a great place to practice your writing, develop or try out a character, make new friends, and have a lot of fun!

General Roleplaying Rules

  • No double posting.
  • No spamming or trolling is allowed.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia or any hate speech is allowed.
  • No godmodding (being the all-powerful player in a RPG and/or having unfair advantages) or metagaming.
  • Please be nice to your fellow RPers, wait your turn in posts as well.
  • Try to stay on topic. Any out of RP speech must be distinguished using symbols such as ((here)) or [[here]].
  • Have fun!

Play Fair (Work in progress)

  • Work in progress (TBA)


Roleplay Forums

The roleplay forums are divided into three different parts:

  • Roleplay (Main)
    The place for general Roleplay discussion, interest checks and help with anything Roleplay related.

  • Roleplay Theatre
    Roleplay Theatre is also where you post a new roleplay of your own creation, Threads with + in their prefix usually accept new players, see in the below Roleplay Prefixes section.

Roleplay Prefixes

We'd like you to make use of the various prefixes when making new threads,

In Roleplay (main) section, you can choose between (below):
  • HELP REQUESTS - if you need help of any kind regarding specific Roleplay (RP) stuff.
  • INTEREST CHECK - if you have an idea for a Roleplay (RP) and would like to see how many others are interested before you make the new thread in Roleplay Theatre.
  • GUIDE - if you want to write a helpful bit of text on a Roleplay (RP) related topic. Hopefully it will be helpful to the community as well.
In Roleplay Theatre section, you can choose between (below):
  • MG OPEN - a Magical Girl RP accepting new players.
  • MG FULL - a Magical Girl RP that is closed, will NOT be taking new Sign Up/Players.
  • OTHER OPEN - a non-Magical Girl RP accepting new players.
  • OTHER FULL - a non-Magical Girl RP that is closed, will NOT be taking new Sign Up/Players.

Thanks for reading this, make sure to follow these guidelines, and have a great time RPing!
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