Magical Girl series by type


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I don't know about anyone else, but I love making lists and categorizing things! For this thread I think I'll make a list of different Magical Girl anime by "type".

Examples of Types: Warrior, Magical Idol Singer, Cute Witch (I stole those from, Action, Dark. Feel free to suggest other types as well as suggest shows to add in the comments. Also feel free to dispute whatever categories I come up with! This will probably start as a very small list, and I probably won't be updating it every day, but when I see a suggestion in the comments I'll add it to the list. I don't know how well this will work!
  • 1966-Sally the Witch- Cute Witch
  • 1991-Sailor Moon- Warrior, Romance
  • 1994-Wedding Peach- Warrior, Romance
  • 1996-Cardcaptor Sakura- ???
  • 2004-Pretty Cure- Warrior, Action
  • 2011-Madoka Magica- Warrior, Dark
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