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Hello everyone!

You can call me koyu!
The reason why I joined this forum is because I found out there's a forum for Precure and wanted to check it out!
I find it fascinating and exciting for there to be a community where we could talk about Precure (since Precure is not as popular here in the U.S. I think).
In my childhood I used to watch a lot of magical girl series! One of my favorite magical girl series is Precure!
I've been loving Precure since middle school around 2013 I believe(?). I took a hiatus from anime once I started highschool, however recently I've started to gain a sudden interest in Precure again!

Anyways, I'm excited! I hope to get to know all of you!
Nice to meet you all!^^


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Hello and welcome to the forum! I'm a big fan of Precure since 2012. Nice to meet you :)
Welcome, Koyu-chan! Nice to have you here. :D