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New Member
Mar 1, 2020
My name is Flora, but my girlfriend calls me Effie and y'all probably can too if you want, I'm a 19 year old shut-in Montana fujo that likes girls, cute things and violence.

I haven't used forums in roughly a decade now so I'm still catching up with the posting culture, but I've loved magical girl shows my whole life and I adore Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, and Ojamajo DoReMi, as well as having a guilty pleasure for the violent and gory shows like Magical Girl Site. I like pretty much every magical girl, except for a small personal vendetta against Madoka Magica.

Outside of magical girl anime, I really enjoy electronic music like breakcore, DnB, happy hardcore, nightcore, chopped n screwed, etc. I really love retro games, especially retro 3D games on systems like the N64, PS1 and Sega Saturn. I really love horror of any kind, movies and games and books and whatnot. I'm a practicing Muslim. I also really like writing and making music, and I draw a lot of comics for fun.

I hope I can meet some cool friends here! If anyone wants to add me on Steam, I'm always trying to find friends to play Rainbow Six Siege and Risk of Rain 2.

Thank you!!
Jul 28, 2018
Wohohooooo, what a fascinating addition to the forum! Welcome to the forum, Flora! Errrrr... Effie? Dunno with way to call you, aaaaaa!
I see you are an unhinged creative force... that loves gory stuff and dislikes Madoka... seems we might disagree on that stuff, BUT we both love all magical girls, of course!
Also, you'll find more creative people here (including myself, another thing we have in common, yay!)... but we haven't been pretty active showing our works.
Will you be the one that dares to break such a curse? Will we ever listen to/ see /read your creations here?

And of course, thank YOU for joining us ^^


Staff member
May 29, 2018
Hello Flora and welcome to the forum!


Jul 16, 2018
Hi Flora, it's very nice to meet you and welcome to the Magical Girl Forum!
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