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Has anyone watched ‘Weathering with you’?


MGF Member
Mar 24, 2019
I just watched the movie ‘Weathering with you’ a.k.a ‘Tenki no ko’ today and wanted to ask everyone’s thoughts about it! The movie recently got released in theaters of the United States and Canada this year.

This is a bit of a spoiler that I wanted to talk about that has to do with magical girls haha...:
I was really surprised to see a Precure reference while watching the film! :D
It seemed that some people were cosplaying the OG Precure: Cure Black and Cure White!

I’ve been dyin to talk about this to someone since I was the only one in the theater who knew that reference lol. ^^”

Also, I wanted to discuss what your thoughts about the movie were? Like if you liked it more than the previous, the animation, the ost, everything!

Also also, since this is a magical girl forum, I was thinking about how one of the main characters Amano Hina had the ability to control the weather/rain so I was wondering if she was considered a magical girl or not?....?

Loco del Lápiz

MGF Member
Jul 28, 2018
I was lucky enough to watch the film in Japanese with Spanish subtitles at the cinema this last Christmas holiday, and it was a blast!

Okay, first off, the animation is GORGEOUS. I love Comix Wave Films' art style, the character design being a great example of how to make manga like characters stand out without making crazy design choices, and its breathtaking sceneries... my god. Each time the movie showed a wide shot of the city, or a particular place, I felt like I was there, watching the sunset, or the sun rise, or feeling the raindrops over me... What a beautiful experience. There are some shots that I think won't easily be erased from my memory.

As for the plot, I think this one had more potential than Makoto Shinkai's previous movie, Your Name, but I think that that one had a better narrative pacing than Weathering With You. Although, in terms of cast of characters, I feel like Weathering With You makes a better job at showcasing secondary characters, as in Your Name the story focused a lot more in their two main protagonists, Mitsuha and Taki.

But stop comparing those two very diferent films, and focus on Tenki No Ko.
Character-wise, I rooted a lot for Hodaka in this story. He starts as a very tragic protagonist, and the way he works out of his lonely and sad situation is something very inspiring. Hina, as the "magical girl" of the tale, makes a great deuteragonist and every time she makes use of her powers, a visual spectacle is shown before our very eyes. The secondary cast, as I said, are quite lovable too.

So, easter eggs time:
Everyone in the theater gasped when they saw Mitsuha and Taki form Kimi No Nawa. EVERYONE. What a great easter egg, and a way to connect both films. Does this mean we witnessed the origin of the Shinkaiverse?

And yep, I felt the same about the Pretty Cure reference! I think no one got it (except for the friend I went with). I said out loud "Cosplayers, cool, th--WAIT, No way! Are they Pretty Cure? HAHAHAHA, yaaasss, THEY ARE PRETTY CURE!! OH MY GAAAWWD!!!". Nice touch.

I loved Weathering With You, and it probably doesn't count as a magical girl story, BUT this is the Anime/Manga Off-topic zone, and so we can talk about this awesome flick I hope to watch again, this time maybe dubbed?
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