Greetings, pretty guardians and handsome defendors~!

Hello every-nyan~! I'm the "Loco del Lapiz", a young man fascinated by the wonderful genre of the mahou shoujos (if wasn't interested, why would I be here in the first place?). I've been desperately looking for a forum so well organized as this, where people could talk about this manga and anime category, and luckily, I found this great-looking place!!

My favourite Magical Girl story right now is Madoka Magica, because of several reasons,
but Sailor Moon was the very first magical girl anime my eyes had the privilege to watch,
Ojamajo DoReMi accompanied me as I took lunch after school for some years,
and Pretty Cure made me see that these cutesy magic-casters could be a lot more badass and action-packed than I ever dared to imagine.
I'm no expert in this genre, but I love the themes and values most of these stories convey: the strengths of frienship, love, compassion; the possibility of being something better than we are; maintaining hope no matter what; and, of course, female empowerment.

However, this is not the only type of manga/anime I enjoy. For some unknown reason, I mostly enjoy stories starred by cool superpowered female heroes, but I will end up loving any well-written story with fleshed-out characters and an interesing plot.
I also love the superhero genre (one that shares a lot of similarities with our dear majokkos), playing videogames, drawing (poorly drawn and worse written) manga/comics, role-playing, daydreaming, drawing, kawaii stuff, listening to music (specially film's and game's OSTs) and procastinating. Ohhhhh, did I mentioned drawing?

Hope to have fun in here and meet a lot of nice people to share experiences and opinions with!
Now, in the name of the Pencils... I WILL PUNISH YOU with my looooong posts.
Sorry for boring you to death...
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I'm sure most people around here are Sailor Moon fans, knowing it's probably the most well-known Magical Girl series of all time!


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Hello and welcome :)
My favorite is Madoka Magica and Precure so far. Also, I like Sailor Moon