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Rules Forum Games Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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May 29, 2018
Welcome to Forum Games!

Forum Games Rules

It’s for having fun! Post your creative games. They could be word games, number games, rap battles, or whatever.

  1. Follow the threads instruction to the games being played, do not venture off-topic.
  2. No double-posting, triple-posting, etc.
  3. Current owner has listed no one and has been active in forum games:
    The thread owner is given two weeks to recreate the game thread. If someone remakes the thread immediately, that new thread will be locked.
    After two weeks if the thread has not been recreated, anyone can remake it and the first thread created is the one that is used.
  4. Current owner has listed no one and has not been active in forum games (or on the forums):
    Thread can be recreated immediately, with a stipulation that the previous owner can reclaim the thread within the first two weeks if they wish.
  5. Have fun!
NOTE: This forum is NOT for the discussion of video games. This is a Forum Games (aka. FG) discussion.


What happens when a thread reaches 10,000 posts?

You'll find some threads in FG move very quickly, for example the counting threads. When the thread reaches 10k (10,000) posts, the thread will be locked and a new part for the thread will be created! For example, The Person with the last post wins! - Part 2 etc.

Happy gaming, and I hope to see you at the top of all the leader boards! :cool:
Not open for further replies.
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