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Hello there :] I’m new to this forum and hope to make new magical girl friends >w<.

I’m a trans man and use he/they, I enjoy the magical girl types of animes as well as just Cutecore and cutegore in general I’m more into darker magical girl shows but I still like normal ones!! ^^
i’m a mediocre artist and lyric writer who likes making their own magical girl and boy ideas and needed a place to post them!!,! Other than that, I like playing video games on my switch and computer and then drawing the characters, most of them are hard to make Cutecore edits of though :(
I also like acting and dancing around while imagining animations in my head (as I know I cannot animate)!, i really enjoy enjoy other cute things like plushies and stuff!!

srry if this introduction is bad, I haven’t introduced myself on a forum in a loooong time :[
signing off- magical robo!


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Hello and welcome to the forum