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  1. Sakaru

    Precure on Crunchyroll

    [Official] Precure on Crunchyroll Precure localization [ Pretty Cure - Series ] Healin' Good Pretty Cure KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode
  2. koyu

    Does anyone want to add me on Precure Linkle puzzlerun?

    I was wondering if anyone on here plays this game and would like to add me as their friend. c: My ID is 4u5wfe! if you would like to download the game here’s a tutorial I found useful...
  3. webemez

    Hello nice to meet you!!

    Hello My name is webemez but you may have heard me referred to as WEB姉貴 I am a voice actress and youtaite! My favorite genre is 魔法 少女!! My favorite TV shows are Ojamajo Doremi, Precure and JOJO! My favorite type of music is Cute pop , Tropical and Bossa Nova. My favorite Musicians are Claris...
  4. Sakaru

    What is your favorite Precure Villain?

    My favorite is Ira (because I ship him with Cure Diamond), Close and Wolfrun (no one can doggy paddle like he can XD)
  5. Sakaru

    Precure Discord Server

    Hi everyone, I'm here to tell you about this discord server known as Precure. It's a community where you can talk about anything Precure-lun! https://discord.gg/precure We hope to see you there-lun, - Lala
  6. Sakaru

    Healin' Good PreCure (spoilers)

    Healin' Good PreCure logo has been trademarked. It is scheduled to air in February 2020. Source Link: View: https://twitter.com/trademark_bot/status/1186660520000012294
  7. Sakaru

    Poll What's your favorite Pretty Cure season?

    My favorite so far is Go! Princess Precure~ because It is so much better then I would have ever imagined. How about you?
  8. P

    Precure Music Collection Request

    Hey Precure Fans İ Can't Find All Precure Albums From Futari Wa To Kirakira These Albums Are OP&ED Singles Original Soundtracks Vocal Albums Vocal Boxes Vocal Bests Memorial Vocal Selections Please İf You Have These Albums Please Reply And Give Torrent File Or Sent Me???
  9. P

    Precure Scans Request

    Hello Everyone İ Search All Of Precure Series Scans Such As Coloring Books,Artbooks,CD Booklets,CD Dvd And Blu-ray Covers And Manga Please
  10. Sakaru

    Star★Twinkle Precure (Spoilers)

    Star★Twinkle Precure - Official Link: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/startwinkle_precure/ It's the official for the 2019 Pretty Cure season is "Star★Twinkle Precure". Any thoughts about it? View: https://twitter.com/trademark_bot/status/1054389631456763905
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