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Recent content by christophr

  1. christophr

    Interest Check Magical Girl/Boy College

    Well, I would think that the setting would be in a time where evil has really ramped up their plans and power moves, so at some point a group of Veteran Magical Girls decided that it was necessary to create a Magical College to train and upgrade current Magical Girls to survive to the new...
  2. christophr

    Interest Check Magical Girl/Boy College

    Stop me if you've heard this one before: I would like to see who would be interested in roleplaying in an RP where Magical Girl characters go to a college that promises to help enhance every character's special abilities through individual studies and training that attempt to get the most out of...
  3. christophr

    Showcase Chris' Sparkly Art Dump

    Might as well get this ball rolling. I am here today to showcase a variety of my so far created Magical Girls (and occasional boys) that I actually have artwork of. Cause, y'know. I'm an artist. And I draw stuff. This could get a little longer, so sit tight for a bit of a ride. Imma start with...
  4. christophr

    What!? A New Magical Girl has appeared!

    I was thinking of starting up some roleplaying here, so I may participate in or start some roleplays with one or more of my original Magical Girls. Using my mascot might be super favorable for an RP starter/central support character, actually. Maybe I'll post some art of some of mah girls in an...
  5. christophr

    What!? A New Magical Girl has appeared!

    *poses* Ahem. So anyway, hello there! I am christophr, but you can call me Chris, or Chrissy, or whatever you like! I am a 24 year old German artist with a heart for cute and wholesome things. I studied Media Design (and also brushed up a bit on webdesign afterwards), but am currently...
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