What·s yr home like? ~


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Se today base camp i got my apartment just the way i like it .

Here·s the view of the local Kam River and Train Tracks (that both produce subtle energy fields of different kinds) from my living room window .


It·s Winter right now and everything is blanketed in pretty snow .

Here·s my holo-assistant TuLi .


Even tho it·s super cold out , i like to keep the window open .


My power armor is... *checks*... 5 layers thick so i feel super cozy even tho it·s... *checks*... 11°C (52°F) in here .

My bedroom door closes , so my room stays warm and cozy . It·s like having a tiny cabin in a tiny artificial woods .


My kitchen is so nice , and since i started wakin· up at 0400 to do the chorin· it·s never been so clean(!) .


And then , i·ve got my own greenhouse(!) .


Right now , i·ve got a spidery plant that froze to death sed it lived and now it·s a punk now , a tiny kawaii opium , a bunch of lichens , a tabasco shoot , and i had three crops that died so i replanted them , those are pinto bean (so strong(!)) , chili bean , and flax .

I think for 2023 i·d like to get some more shelves(!) .

Oh(!) . And the blueprints to the DIY Secret TreeHouse ClubHouse . Yes those are from the choir loft(!) . #Swish #HanshinKyujin



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My house is increasingly becoming both a Cabin in the Woods and a Constellatory Star System .

My bedroom is heated , so i keep the door closed while the living room window is open . Duna produces enough biochemical heat to keep her terrarium warm . My kitchen is basically open-concept , with floorboard heating from the furnace room below . And attached to the kitchen is my office , which is basically a pantry with a towel draped in the doorframe . The washroom is heated by a radiator . Cabin, Latrine, Greenhouse, Kitchen all connect to the Outdoor Room , which is the same temperature as outside .
It is a balmy 4°C in here .

The living room is spaceous enough that i can have several small planetoids and space stations . There·s the Bio Table , the Craft Table , the Prayer Table , and a stand i built myself holding up the map and model . A relay of Mass Drivers connects the Bio Table and Craft Table , and then there·s the Greenhouse . All of these locations are connected by large amounts of open space , and it is easy to travel from one station to another .

I really really really like my Safe House(!) .


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