Showcase Random Magical Girl Sketches~


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I think the title of the post is self-explainatory.
So, here I'll show you a few redesigns of well-known and better-beloved magical girls. I've made a few changes to their appearances, trying to make these heroines fit with my art style:

Sailor Moon, after a rough fight...

Artemis the cat alongside the original Sailor Venus:

Honoka Yukishiro, the Cure White:

Doremi Haruzake, the disasterous witch:

Will Vandom, Guardian of Kandrakar, from the W.I.T.C.H. comic series (do they count as magical girls?)

Also, yes, I know she has wings, like the rest of the team... I have no idea why I didn't draw them... :confused:

And that's all for now! Feel free to share your opinions and artworks!!
I wanted to see your art work, but the pics won't load? Do all your pics still here has a problem or it has been deleted?


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I want to share my art too. I don't own the character and I volunteered to designed this character based to the owner's description. It's a fairy for the Precure (from WooZy Jack of I recently added some colors to make it lively.
I have always loved to draw, but I let my skill deteriorate. Now, I don't draw that much and my right hands just can't keep with me any longer.
But I appreciate if you make a comment with my work. I'm not done with this one yet though.

Don't tell this to the owner that I'm still using his own character.roran.jpegroran_blue_eyes_hand_edit.png


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Loco del Lápiz

Loco del Lápiz

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I would be glad to do so once I figure out how to attach images properly!
Although I'm saving them... I might stop drawing for a while. I think I need it.


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I found yet another Magical Girl drawing... but this time, it's an original design I created...

Silly idea, I know, but I liked the final result. The linework was made using traditional tools, but coloring was made digitally.
I know we shouldn't eat too much of this kind of food... still, hope you like it!

This artwork is also very beautiful and original too! :)
Loco del Lápiz

Loco del Lápiz

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Yeah, sorry... I have no idea what happened there 😅

Alright, I tried reposting them. Hope the images can be seen now!
Still, those sketches aren't that good, and they are from 4 years ago. I want to think I have improved since then!
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