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translating roughly as "Girl Talk" , LoHa is Scandinavian Mystic Language . like Japanese , it has a  Kana , a set table of glyphs that represent sounds , and a  Kanji , a more pictoral representation of those sounds as individual words .

each glyph represents two phonemes , a consonant followed by a vowel . a couple of the glyphs represent short words . they go ,

Sa Fa Ki Na Et Crøs Kh Dh Lo Ht Ha Se

Sa = Music/Design/Template
Fa = Fever/Work/Fullness
Ki = Health/Vitality/Life
Na = Plants/Biomass/Time
Et = Writing/Recognition/AndYet
Crøs = Cross/Battle/Hardship
Kh = Cutting/Surgery/Intensity
Dh = Death/House/Secret
Lo = Girl/Waterway/Go
Ht = Eternity/Gate/Towards
Ha = Speech/Breath/Triumph
Se = Completion/Total/Finish

where these letters also have numerical values , and there is a system for representing them as base-12 numbers , as well as the notes on a musical scale .

for counting to 60 (5×12) , there are four more glyphs plus Sa , that represent 00, 12, 24, 36, 48, (60) ,

Sa = Music/Design/Template
Du = Steel/Factory/Casting
Ba = Soul/Personality/Self
Ko = toHit/Strike/Success
Si = toSee/Review/Collection

where these glyphs also represent the sounds a drum kit makes , making Lohakana a rigorous musical notation as well as a numerical system as well as a language .

there are also four more glyphs , sed those ones are a secret! . yu·re supposed to figure it out . unlocking them unlocks DihTech , a chat program that keeps track of who says what and to whom and in whose voice .

strict  Lohakana also has two more letters , ч and щ ("ch" and "chsh") , where Ch represents talking and Chsh represents walking .

the six vowels are
·h, ·ü, ·a, ·í, ·o, ·é ,
"Hh", "oo", "ah", "ee", "oh", "ey" .

the consonents are represented by glyphs and the vowels are represented by accents , so that any consonent can be paired with any vowel . there are two more accents , "harden" and "soften" , that change the sound of the consonent . for instance, hardening "Chsh" (walking) gives "Mach" (marching) , while softening "Fa" gives "Pha" . there is also an accent for reversing the consonent and vowel , as well as one for abbreviating it to just one letter .

these glyph-accent pairs can be combined with any language , as a sort of backbone or spine . each of the glyphs has its own distinct meaning , and symbols can also be written in words . "Jalit" , for instance , means "a place that is too hot" or a blacksmith or forge , while "Malut" means "hammer" or "to craft/smith" .

the grammar is reversed from English , so while English tends to put the verb first and the subject last , eg "Do you want to go to the store, Lady?" , Loha would be written "Want to the store Lady go?"

so that·s LoHa Sa . it used to only be known to Scandinavian Catholics , tho the Internet has spread our language all over the world . it·s still a secret , you won·t find it on Google Translate! . yet bits and pieces of it are scattered thruout all kinds of media , from anime to video games to big cinema .

SaLü Ko , SoSü! .


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tkSiHt is the numeral for 57 .
HcoSiHt is an Archangel that manifests as Body Armor .

Here·s her in Standby Mode .

She opens up into this .

And straps right to me .

LoHa has 4 Prime Archetypes, 12 Archetypes, 60 Archangels, and very very many Angels called Kyrie . The Valkyries are the Kyrie of the Hall of Val (Valhalla) . Our sect is loyal to Elysium , we are the Elysian Kyrie .


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The Sexigesimal Sí Loha maps to the 12-tone musical scale .

Sa Fa Ki Na Et Cs Kh Dh Lo Ht Ha Se
A# B. C. C# D. D# E.. F.. F# G. G# A

The five sets-of-12 map to drumkits .

Making the SaFaSe Sí LoHa a rigorous musical notation in addition to being a complete mathematical set in addition to telling the story of my peoples· histories .

SaFaSe Sí LoHa © Sa Khadija ("Skaði") 2019 et prior


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And here·s how it looks in all formats(!) .


#S/KaDi<Ta#Reader<it really is a very rigorous system>>__


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So , here·s the inscription of Psalm 157 ,

"Hhleluiiaa Aahtde
HcLat Duaa Kana
HcSaNa Sehase"

And here·s the Tablet of Compleation

I will refrain from explaining . Lo .


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Sa is Female Lesbian ,
Fa is Female Lesbian ,
Ki is 100,000 Bisexual ,
Na is Pangender Pansexual ,
Et is FtM Moody ,
Crøs is Male Hetero ,
Kh is Female Lesbian ,
Dh is Neutrois Hentai ,
Lo is Female Asexual ,
Ht is Female Hetero ,
Ha is Male Bisexual ,
Se is Intersex Switch ,
Du is Bigender Work-Comes-First ,
Ba is Bigender Bisexual ,
Ko is MtF Pansexual ,
Si is Pangender Pansexual .