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i·ve been watching clips from  Delicious Party Precure and something feels weird about it . like it·s got this weird shine that kind of hurts my eyeballs . i understand that things are always gonna change and evolve as a franchise goes on , especially one that·s going into its twentieth year . still .

there·s this website called TVTropes that discusses all kinds of pop-media stuff . one of the concepts they have is called a Sugar Bowl , which is an Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-the-Wizard-of-Oz kind of sickly sweet that feels like it·s going to give yu cavities . there·s another one called a Crapsack World , which is basically , well , apocalyptic ruins . if yu mix the two of them together you get a Crapsacchrine World (polysacchrides are a scientific word for sugars) , where everything looks so-sweet-it·s-gonna-hurt-your-mouth and yet is disguising problematic behaviors and tropes with bright colors and smiles .

there·s an honesty, a simplicity to Futari wa Pretty Cure that in Delicious Party Precure just feels like there·s a rainbow-tinted cavity there . should i go see a dentist? Ka


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Loco del Lápiz

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I thought I was the only one that thought newer Precure seasons were getting way too happy-go-lucky and colourful and merchandise-focused...
Like, I get it, the target audience are very young girls, but still, the OG Pretty Cure had a more "grounded" world than more recent seasons. Like, the contrast between the fantastic magical elements and the everyday life was way more noticeable, and in some way, that made the narrative more engaging.

For me, at least.