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  1. Loco del Lápiz

    The Sailor Moon redraw challenge

    Oh, hastags and drawing challenges, what a wonderful combination... giving new life to concepts and ideas considered obscure or unusual. I'm pretty sure you're aware of this popular challenge that has recently spread over social media in the last few days. This trend actually started last...
  2. Loco del Lápiz

    Magical Girls beyond Japan!

    That's a great example! I have yet to read it, but now you've claimed that it's not an edgy story, I'll check the comic out knowing that I might actually like it! And sure, it's not a show (although the artwork makes me feel like a TV show would look gorgeous if it captured the art style...
  3. Loco del Lápiz


    Welcome to the forum @Juliko Why would you be trouble?? More users, more fun, don't you think? Hope to see you around!
  4. Loco del Lápiz

    Interest Check Magical Girl/Boy College

    That setting sounds exactly like a story I had planned a while ago... except for the college being destroyed and the old students becoming new teachers. But that's a story for another ocassion... The important thing about this is that I do have possible candidates for the characters I'd play as...
  5. Loco del Lápiz

    Interest Check Magical Girl/Boy College

    Wow, that sounds great! I see you're even preparing an Ability System, that might prevent problems such as overpowered characters and power scales. Also, it could add more tension in battles! On the other hand, and as you might have already seen, there are not many active users around, and...
  6. Loco del Lápiz

    Showcase Chris' Sparkly Art Dump

    Hooooooly cow! That's A LOT of stuff! Seems we have a very powerful creative mind in here, don't we? These characters feel really vivid, fresh. Although their designs seem simple, they are quite striking, mixing the best of anime and modern cartoon desingn. And the colours look so nice in them...
  7. Loco del Lápiz

    What!? A New Magical Girl has appeared!

    Cool! Some of us have been waiting for active roleplayers here. As for the art section, it's also in desperate need for creative minds. Feel free to share your drawings, stories and animations there anytime! Hope you have fun in here, and of course, welcome! ^^
  8. Loco del Lápiz

    What!? A New Magical Girl has appeared!

    Wow, now THAT's a entrance! So, who do we have here... a classic Magical Girl fan, that's for sure... And a future animator, perhaps? Hope that's the case! You'll have to give life to all those characters you have in store. Will we see them any of them in the forum, as in your artwork? Any...
  9. Loco del Lápiz

    Sailor Moon are coming to YouTube for free

    Whoa, WHOA, WHOOOOOAAAA, now this... this is great! So they are going to realease the whole series FOR FREE?! Forever? And... will they be at least subtitled in other languages than japanese?
  10. Loco del Lápiz

    Magical Girls beyond Japan!

    Seems like a really obscure series. No wonder why it might be hard to find... but don't give up!
  11. Loco del Lápiz

    Magical Girls beyond Japan!

    Oh my... Tenko seems so 80's! You know, like these american animated shows promoting toys and stuff. Sweet 80's and 90's , great times for animation!
  12. Loco del Lápiz


    Haven't thought about chatting or livestreams... but that's a pretty clever idea! Although the most shy members might not like it... Still, it's a good option to revive this site and know the members better.
  13. Loco del Lápiz

    Post a Magical Girl term from A-Z!

    Sounds good to me. Alright then, a new game added! Battle Girl High School (I mean... I know barely anything about this game/anime/whatever. I think it counts as a magical girl series?)
  14. Loco del Lápiz

    Tokyo Mew Mew

    Now THAT'S huge news!! Their new art design seems nice, if it ends up being anything like those chibis shown. Although it seems the creative team might change their original designs a little?
  15. Loco del Lápiz

    Hey, MGF Friends!

    So nice to have you back, even if it's just to post this. And good to hear that you're getting better. Hope someday your hands will be on full-power! So, anime to fight boredom? Perfect strategy, I see... But as you've said, don't forget about studying! All the knowledge you've gained shouldn't...
  16. Loco del Lápiz

    Tokyo Mew Mew

    I don't mean that those projects will be bad, in fact, they do have potential, but yeah... seems to be very little for such a beloved franchise. On a more positive note, maybe it's the sign that more content based on Mew Mew is on the horizon?
  17. Loco del Lápiz


    Aaaaand we're in that "virtual desert" state. Again. Is there anything we're doing wrong? I know that forums need time to grow -now more than ever, considering social media-, and I once again ask for @Lala to be a little more active in those areas, social networks, where we can draw more...
  18. Loco del Lápiz

    FG - General The Person with the last post wins!

    I... I finally WON! I DID IT! But this victory... doesn't feel earned. Everyone has left. What's the point of winning if there is no worthy competition, or, what's worse, not competition at all?
  19. Loco del Lápiz

    Tokyo Mew Mew

    Sooooo one of them is a gender-bent version of the original, and the other is a two-part one-shot. That's... a little underwhelming in my opinion.
  20. Loco del Lápiz

    What happened to Glitter Force?

    That's a pretty good question. Not sure about what exactly happened, and most importantly, WHY the brand was changed, but I wouldn't be surprised if Toei kept the rights and the show wouldn't be broadcasted outside Japan for a while.
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