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  1. CureFrancais

    Newbie here!

    Thank you! It's great to have a place to gush about magical girls, heheh. : ))
  2. CureFrancais

    Newbie here!

    Aww, thanks! I feel more comfortable already! : )
  3. CureFrancais

    Newbie here!

    Thanks so much! I'm sure I will!! : )
  4. CureFrancais

    Newbie here!

    Hi there! I'm a newbie here, my name is Hannah (CureFrancais). I love to study language, write stories and characters and I really love cute and powerful magical girls!! Nice to meet you! : ) <3
  5. CureFrancais

    Poll What's your favorite season?

    Fall is my favorite! It's chilly and beautiful and nostalgic to me!! Plus, Halloween is the best (and the food)!