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  1. Loco del Lápiz


    I don't even know how many people are attached to this site IN GENERAL, considering only a few of us still post... As for the change of theme, I don't see it as too far fetched, the forum has changed layout a few times already. However, as we've said, very few people come here (this thread was...
  2. Loco del Lápiz

    Vampire Kisses

    I know there have been comic adaptations of these books in manga style, and they look SO COOL. The artstyle has this 2000s emo vibe that feels absolutely nostalgic. Apparently the artists change each volume, being the first volumes (Blood Relatives) being drawn by Priscilla Hamby (Rem/Tsulala...
  3. Loco del Lápiz

    Magical Girl anime and manga talk

    The aesthetic looks quite Magical-Girlish, buuuuuut it's hard to tell... Haven't read the manga nor watched the anime, so I can't say for sure. It seems to feature supernatural elements, but... the main character doesn't have magical powers. Like... she can transform, and that's it? Pretty...
  4. Loco del Lápiz

    Tokyo Mew Mew

    Oh my... those designs look A-MA-ZING!!! Hope the animation makes them justice, because the girls are looking adorable.
  5. Loco del Lápiz

    Which Magical Girl manga series do you want to be turned into an anime series?

    That's a pretty good question. I actually would want the opposite in some cases, for Magical Girl anime to be turned into a manga! Still, answering your actual question, there's a short manga called "Can you become a Magical Girl even at that Age?" (×× Demo mahō shōjo ni naremasu ka?) which...
  6. Loco del Lápiz


    Oh, hello there @CureVirgo2003 and welcome to the forum too! A screenwriter... that's new! Looking forward to knowing more about your Zodiac Princesses, maybe you could share with us how that ambitious project's going in a new thread, the synopsis, designs... and tell us what zodiac are those...
  7. Loco del Lápiz

    Cardcaptor Sakura manga

    Luckily in Spain the manga is being relauched in bigger volumes with new covers. At the same time, the Clean Card Arc -apparently the sequel of the original story- is also being published. I'm in love with CLAMP's art style and their way of pacing panels. It's so refreshing and nice to read...
  8. Loco del Lápiz


    One year has passed... and I guess this forum is STILL in "beta". For some unknown reason. Honestly, I have no idea what so say anymore... I think the few people that had interest in this forum have stated here some ways it could be improved, or how it could be promoted. Yet none of those ideas...
  9. Loco del Lápiz

    If you need a bit of inspiration for Magical March...

    I also thought that your prompt felt more like a working schedule. One easier to follow! Okay, if I find time to do this, I'll let you know!
  10. Loco del Lápiz


    I really like the concept behind Aradia. Thanks to it I've discovered a few creators I now follow, so... I have to thank YOU for it! I'm too lazy to finish a comic, so I doubt any work of mine will be featured un Aradia anytime soon, but thanks for the hopes-up! Hope the project grows bigger...
  11. Loco del Lápiz

    Alice 19th

    So, for once, what do YOU think about this manga? Have you read it? I know nothing about it (except for the fact that it has pretty solid art and a very interesting page composition, like most of Yu Watase's work)
  12. Loco del Lápiz

    If you need a bit of inspiration for Magical March...

    This is a pretty good list! If I had time I would do it. Heck... I'll give it a try. At least it allows some breathing considering it's not one drawing per day, but instead 5 per week. We can rest on weekends! I tried Magical March last year... and failed at day 6. Now exams will attack me...
  13. Loco del Lápiz


    Welcome NAAN! So SO nice to meet you! ^_^ So you're the Founder of the Aradia site AND creator of Ara and Celi? Oh my... You're the real deal. I've visited Aradia several times looking for magical girl webcomics (and wishing I could someday contribute with a comic of my own...) and WHOA, the...
  14. Loco del Lápiz

    Amazing Agent Luna

    11 volumes?? That's huge. Considering they also hoy reprinted as omnibus, yeah, we can say Luna's adventures must have been successful among manga readers. No idea if they'll ever publish it here in Spain tho, but it's been a loooooong time, so I doubt it.
  15. Loco del Lápiz

    Amazing Agent Jennifer

    Yeah, seems like Jennifer's story is less "teen comedy" and more "action drama" but I could be wrong. Do you also have these volumes, @Mikan ?
  16. Loco del Lápiz

    Amazing Agent Jennifer

    This was the one manga that made me realise Amazing Agent Luna was also a thing. The artwork of this manga is great, dynamic in the action scenes while precise and clean, the characters look straight from an anime... I love it.
  17. Loco del Lápiz

    Amazing Agent Luna

    Ohhhh, I read about this a while ago! Couldn't read it tho, but the premise seemed nice, and the artwork quite cool and clean. Also... it has SEVERAL volumes, am I right? So we can assume it was quite successful.
  18. Loco del Lápiz


    Salutations, Arthur! There's a PreCure section in here, so there you may find what you're looking for. And don't worry, you're not the only not native English speaker in the forum, and so far, your expressions seem far from "poor". Hope you get along and have fun, welcome!
  19. Loco del Lápiz


    Ohoho, seems we have a very active creator here! Nice... Feel free to share your art, drawings, stories or whatever you want! I'm looking forward to know more about Magical Legend Pretty Knights. Just reading the title sounds do cool... Anyway, welcome to the forum, Jenny, hope you have some...
  20. Loco del Lápiz

    Welcome to the site, Panko-chan! Hope you can create that series soon enough!

    Welcome to the site, Panko-chan! Hope you can create that series soon enough!
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