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  1. Loco del Lápiz

    The Sailor Moon redraw challenge

    Oh, hastags and drawing challenges, what a wonderful combination... giving new life to concepts and ideas considered obscure or unusual. I'm pretty sure you're aware of this popular challenge that has recently spread over social media in the last few days. This trend actually started last...
  2. Loco del Lápiz

    Superhero Movies!

    Someone had to make this thread. For the greater good. For people to know that we are part of a bigger universe... we just didn't know it... I HAD to make this thread. I could have made it about the comics (the source material), but I prefered starting with the films, since it's probably the...
  3. Loco del Lápiz

    Magical Girls beyond Japan!

    Oh, our dearly majokkos... all those cute, cool, fluffy and enjoyable stories made only in Japan... ...wait... there are mahou shoujo stories made by authors from other countries? As weird as that might sound for some, others probably already know this is a reality. From the well-known...
  4. Loco del Lápiz

    Favourite Precure season

    I'm quite surprised no one has made this post yet! (specially @Mikan, being the one that has created most of these polls!) So, I think it's time tom make this question, which one is your favourite Pretty Cure season? Or, well, your three most liked ones... considering they are A LOT, makes...
  5. Loco del Lápiz

    About "Clean Card Arc"

    CLAMP have started this manga not much time ago, that seems to be a sequel to the original Cardcaptor Sakura manga, and I've seen it in my local comic store. I wanted to buy it -since i adore CLAMP's art style, and wanted to give Cardcaptor a chance- BUT then I remebered this is a SEQUEL from a...
  6. Loco del Lápiz

    Your ideal Magical Girl videogame

    We are living a technological revolution, and entertainment has changed a lot in recent years. One of the newest forms of media born thanks to technological advancement is videogaming, and with time, it has become one of the most successful industries in the whole planet. Now, we have seen all...
  7. Loco del Lápiz

    FG - General Guess the Character! (Magical Girls)

    Hi there, Pretty Guardians and Handsome Defendors! Let me propose a game that will challenge our knowledge of the maho shojo genre... The title of the thread is self-explainatory: someone thinks about a character (but doesn't say it, of course!) and gives some clues. Then the rest of the...
  8. Loco del Lápiz

    The "dark" side of the genre

    So, we have all seen the rise of the deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre. Stories that try to convey a sense of realism and gruesomeness in it narrative, and whose protagonists are portrayed as depressed, mentally and emotionally unstable and, in the end, send a clear message: being a...
  9. Loco del Lápiz

    Showcase Random Magical Girl Sketches~

    I think the title of the post is self-explainatory. So, here I'll show you a few redesigns of well-known and better-beloved magical girls. I've made a few changes to their appearances, trying to make these heroines fit with my art style: Sailor Moon, after a rough fight... Artemis the cat...
  10. Loco del Lápiz

    Question Role-playing section?

    So, I've seen there's at least planned to be an RP section here, and that makes me really excited... but, when will it be ready? Do we need to do something? Must the number of registered members be bigger? Also, what would you like to role-play? Magical Girls, of course, are the most likely...
  11. Loco del Lápiz

    What's your favourite MANGA?

    We all love manga here, right? I personally love reading them, getting lost into the panels and experience a great story... So, let's talk about it here: what is/are your favourite manga? Do you have favourite authors? Are they even japanese in the first place? I love all of the Madoka Magica...
  12. Loco del Lápiz

    Greetings, pretty guardians and handsome defendors~!

    Hello every-nyan~! I'm the "Loco del Lapiz", a young man fascinated by the wonderful genre of the mahou shoujos (if wasn't interested, why would I be here in the first place?). I've been desperately looking for a forum so well organized as this, where people could talk about this manga and anime...
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