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  1. koyu

    UT X Sailor Moon clothing collaboration!

    So, I recently found out that Uniqlo is going to be releasing their Sailor Moon Collection in the United States! The collection will be released on August 23rd in all stores + available online! The collection will be in collaboration with "original arts by author Naoko Takeuchi"! Here's the...
  2. koyu

    Precure merchandise sightings!

    Here is my first sighting! I was looking through the candy section at Marukai Market and spotted this!! Star Twinkle Precure toy gum boxes!! They were a bit pricey, but I was really happy I actually saw something Precure-related at the market.
  3. koyu

    Precure merchandise sightings!

    Precure merchandise sightings! I thought it'd be cool and useful if we all shared our Precure merchandise sightings in our own country/cities! (Whenever someone posts their sighting, I'll try and update this post so that it'll be easier for other Precure fans who are looking for Precure merch...
  4. koyu

    I made a quiz for my magical girl characters!

    I got Harvester Lily, or Irene McCreary. Some of her qualities are similar to mine if not all of them.😊
  5. koyu

    Which Cardcaptor Sakura Movie is your favorite?

    I liked both but I felt like the second movie 'Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card' was more interesting and inspiring. I liked how the 1st movie showed Shaoran's side of the family and how the ending went (which was both sad and beautiful). For the second movie I thought the story went more...
  6. koyu

    Who is your favorite Cardcaptor Sakura character?

    I'm finally watching Cardcaptor Sakura these days and am on episode 52! :D I've noticed that throughout the whole anime so far I seem to have an attraction towards the character Syaoran for some reason. I guess it's because of his coolness and seriousness as well as how caring he is towards...
  7. koyu

    My Precure food real-life imitation attempts

    Yeahh I can't help but have my mouth water when I look at the food that comes out in the anime. It really is something! Just by how delicious they drew the food as!
  8. koyu

    My Precure food real-life imitation attempts

    Being the precure trash I am and having a liking for cooking and eating yummy foods, I attempted to make a real-life imitation of one of the foods from the Mahou Tsukai Precure series. Specifically in episode 25, when the girls go to the beach and get to eat the rumored "famous" strawberry melon...
  9. koyu

    My random Animal Crossing Precure creations

    I love that part of it! Plus it seems more calming and relaxing with the new graphics and stuff. uwu
  10. koyu

    My random Animal Crossing Precure creations

    Thanks for sharing! It looks really interesting and nice! :-D I'm anticipating for it!
  11. koyu

    Magical Girl talk

    Thank you for sharing, Lapiz! I watched the video and it seems pretty interesting. :-)
  12. koyu

    My random Animal Crossing Precure creations

    Update: Filbert is wearing Cure Scarlet's outfit now HAHA (and the only one sporting that outfit lol)!:
  13. koyu

    Star★Twinkle Precure (Spoilers)

    I'm so excited about Cure Cosmo's debut! I'm anticipating for the time when she uses her attack item(s)!
  14. koyu

    FG - General The Person with the last post wins!

    Though I have a question... where are all the Puruns gifs on tumblr?? there's only Fuwa gifs so far.. Why is there no appreciation for our world's best Precure mascot???
  15. koyu

    FG - General The Person with the last post wins!

    Heheh thanks @harvester rose! ! I like your profile pic heheh~
  16. koyu

    Showcase Random Magical Girl Sketches~

    I took a peek at your artwork on instagram, @Loco del Lápiz , and it's cool!!
  17. koyu

    Favourite Precure season

    Like @Akamarak said, I really liked the animation in Heartcatch Precure!
  18. koyu

    My random Animal Crossing Precure creations

    I actually like it better than the ds version(wild world) since the screen is bigger and feels more real(?), like when I go fishing in the game I can tell if the fish bit or not since the remote is motion sensored. Although, when I saw the stuff on the 3ds I kind of wanted to try it out on...