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Recent content by WhiteDragonAura

  1. WhiteDragonAura

    Sailor Moon Eternal premiere in early 2021

    More Sailor Moon is always welcome! Can't wait. 🥰
  2. WhiteDragonAura

    Magical girl watcher and writer says 'lo!

    Welcome, Lily. Nice to meet'cha! Really impressed with how well-thought out your book series is going to be. Wish you nothing but success with all of it. 😄
  3. WhiteDragonAura

    Hello nice to meet you!!

    Welcome, Webemez! Wishing you lots of luck with your voice acting career. ^^
  4. WhiteDragonAura


    It's one of the best. Also, I like how Pretear sticks to a 13-episode length format. No bloat, no fillers, a coherent plot, and great character development. This is top-tier mahou shoujo. 😁
  5. WhiteDragonAura

    Fancy Lala

    My memory is hazy on this show...I used to have the DVDs but ended up selling them. I remember it being a cute series, though. Nothing too serious, just light-hearted cozy fluff. 🤗 I did like the ending where
  6. WhiteDragonAura

    Fruits Basket (2019)

    Lol Now that the first season is over, I'm suffering Furuba withdrawals. I thought I could wait until 2020, but I realize now how weak I am. 😔
  7. WhiteDragonAura

    Fushigi Yuugi

    Haha, and just when I thought I didn't have enough to read! How would you rank all these? Do you think one story is better than another, or are they all pretty much equal when it comes to storytelling?
  8. WhiteDragonAura

    Tokyo Mew Mew

    One thing I liked about the manga is how Ikumi's artwork stayed consistent. The whole manga practically screams late '90s Nakayoshi-style. 🤣 But Ikumi's really great at drawing those chibi-styled characters.
  9. WhiteDragonAura

    Shamanic Princess

    Oh yeah, I think Shamanic Princess could've easily been 12+ episodes. The whole universe is much too rich and vast for just 6 out-of-order episodes. There's way too many questions to explore about the lore and how magic works in the SP world. CLAMP is responsible for the character designs, right?
  10. WhiteDragonAura

    Fushigi Yuugi

    I didn't even know Genbu Kaiden existed. I'm gonna have to search that one out now. 🤗
  11. WhiteDragonAura

    Tokyo Mew Mew

    I have to say I kind of like the manga a smidge better than the anime. The 7 volume length makes it lot tighter and more compact. The fillers in the anime make it feel way too bloated. I like the art in both, however. It's very cute. 🤗
  12. WhiteDragonAura

    Shamanic Princess

    I love Shamanic Princess. Love it so much I bought an OP cel many years ago featuring Lena. I still have it too. :D I remember being introduced to SP's existence through the old CPM previews on a Slayers Next VHS. I'm still annoyed with the episode order, though. It made everything too...
  13. WhiteDragonAura

    Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure

    Anybody keep up with this series, or is anybody a fan of the original Disney movie it's based on? The show just entered its third and final season and I'm honestly sad to see it nearing the end soon. Unfortunately, this hidden gem seems to be largely ignored by the masses. :( This show is too...
  14. WhiteDragonAura

    Favorite Magical Girl Battle?

    I feel that. Gosh dang that's an epic gif of Cure Black kicking butt. :D For all my boasting as a Sailor Moon fan, I've yet to catch up with Stars. I've seen images and read things about the infamous final battle but I guess that really doesn't compare to actually seeing it with your own...
  15. WhiteDragonAura

    What Are You Playing Now?

    I just picked up the Secret of Mana remake for PS4. I never played the original so I can't compare, but I like the simplistic throwback style of gameplay. The updated graphics however, make it look like it was made during the PS2 era.
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