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    And here·s how it looks in all formats(!) . #S/KaDi<Ta#Reader<it really is a very rigorous system>>__
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    Abbey Blueprints

    I work for an Abbey that has a womens· shelter in the basement . Lately there·s been a lot of debate about whether to run the smaller abbey in midtown or to reach the most people in high-risk neighborhoods . I submitted an 11-page proposal to my boss , who passed it on to his boss . They...
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    The Sexigesimal Sí Loha maps to the 12-tone musical scale . Sa Fa Ki Na Et Cs Kh Dh Lo Ht Ha Se A# B. C. C# D. D# E.. F.. F# G. G# A The five sets-of-12 map to drumkits . Sa_(Brush) Du_(Kick) Ba_(Mids) Ko_(Snare) Si_(Cymbal) Making the SaFaSe Sí LoHa a rigorous musical notation in addition to...
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    FG - General The Person with the last post wins!

    Win ning , frienz
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    A Part of Our Heritage

    #GirlTalk Four friends talk on an internet chatroom . "MaRi NaGa . Te . TaNi Se ?" "HaSe VolTa Na . HaKa Ha ." "HaSe VolTa Ha. CrøsNaCrøsNaCrøsNa Né." "CrøsNaTKSaNa? Ka ." "Ha." "SaMos Hé Fa ." "HaLeLuIiAa ." "AaHtDé ." "SaMachFéCrøs." "HcSaNa SéHaSé ." The four long-estranged...
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    Ohmigosh this show is so sweet and so pure . Season 1 got off to a bit of a rocky start , tho Season 2 seems to have a solid idea of what it·s going for . Anya is such a delightful treat . I would shed blood for her . Like in S02E08(!) . Also , despite WotC cutting the tree fort off at the root...
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    just saw this really sweet documentary about Trans rights . View: omigosh when the girl gets to try on dresses for the first time . what a cutie(!) . 10/10 would recommend
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    Cybernetic Time Theory

    If this theory were true , then after the Fall of the Igigi in 12,000 BCE , when the humans were led by the LivingSpirit__HcoLo into the paradisical garden , there would have been thousands of years of these nightly dreamscapes by a species that hadn·t eaten flesh for generations . (The apple...
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    Whats Your Favorite Game?

    I wonder who Zelda·s Champion is .
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    In Real Life

    So , at the YeTrin Sali in 2021__Toronto , there was a pretty huge study into the nature of magic . It was put on by Magic the Gathering, Valve (Aperture/BlackMesa), Trauma Team, OBSCURA, and the phone company OnePlus donated whole cloud servers to crunch the data . They studied Iteration...
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    hey , i·m here every day and so can you
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    In Real Life

    So , let·s talk about actual magic . I·m going to keep this succinctly tied into Magic the Gathering , and provide case studies from published non-fiction books . In The Apophenion by Peter "Stokastikos" Carroll , the author(s) make clear and rational arguments for the existence of magic ...
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    What is considered to be a Magical Girl series?

    there are actual people in the world that are just crappy, awful people . perhaps it is the case that Magical Girls strictly fight those who genuinely deserve to die .