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Recent content by Loco del Lápiz

  1. Loco del Lápiz

    Precure on Crunchyroll

    So... like... they're streaming them? Are they gona dub them? This is interesting considering Netflix dubbed (and kinda butchered) Smile Precure and renamed it Glitter Force. Don't think Crunchyroll will do the same, but, do you think they might change some plot details via dubbing? Maybe...
  2. Loco del Lápiz

    My name is Panko...

    Wooooo, seems like a fan of darker magical girls has come... welcome, Panko-chan! Looking forward to seeing some of your character sketches!
  3. Loco del Lápiz

    Sailor V

    I started reading the first volume of Codename: Sailor V and it feels like Sailor Moon, but more contained and, somehow, pretty fresh. I'd even say I like Naoko Takeuchi's early artwork in this manga even more than in Sailor Moon, but I'll wait until I've read both mangas to form an opinion...
  4. Loco del Lápiz

    Back here, once again. Needed some time to clear my thoughts. Let's keep the magic gooooin'~!

    Back here, once again. Needed some time to clear my thoughts. Let's keep the magic gooooin'~!
  5. Loco del Lápiz

    (Available now!) Sunset Palette series (Original Fiction)

    Wait... you've written a book? Holy macaroni, now that's some serious commitment and talent there! ✨ What was your motivation while writing this? And your inspiration?
  6. Loco del Lápiz

    Magical Girl anime and manga talk

    Well, haven't seen/read it, but as for Google Images is showing me, it kinda has a more modern or, let's say, "hidden" Magical Girl aesthetic. Perhaps it's just a shoujo manga and there's a majokko influence on the artwork, but who knows. Actually, you've tackled into a very interesting topic...
  7. Loco del Lápiz


    But... it doesn't say Beta up in the banner anymore. And the forum is public, anyone can register and even guests can talk in the chat room... what do you mean? Also, to me, to forum pretty much looks like a finished project. I mean, I don't know what other changes need to be done. If you say...
  8. Loco del Lápiz

    The Sailor Moon redraw challenge

    Oh, hastags and drawing challenges, what a wonderful combination... giving new life to concepts and ideas considered obscure or unusual. I'm pretty sure you're aware of this popular challenge that has recently spread over social media in the last few days. This trend actually started last...
  9. Loco del Lápiz

    Magical Girls beyond Japan!

    That's a great example! I have yet to read it, but now you've claimed that it's not an edgy story, I'll check the comic out knowing that I might actually like it! And sure, it's not a show (although the artwork makes me feel like a TV show would look gorgeous if it captured the art style...
  10. Loco del Lápiz


    Welcome to the forum @Juliko Why would you be trouble?? More users, more fun, don't you think? Hope to see you around!
  11. Loco del Lápiz

    Interest Check Magical Girl/Boy College

    That setting sounds exactly like a story I had planned a while ago... except for the college being destroyed and the old students becoming new teachers. But that's a story for another ocassion... The important thing about this is that I do have possible candidates for the characters I'd play as...
  12. Loco del Lápiz

    Interest Check Magical Girl/Boy College

    Wow, that sounds great! I see you're even preparing an Ability System, that might prevent problems such as overpowered characters and power scales. Also, it could add more tension in battles! On the other hand, and as you might have already seen, there are not many active users around, and...
  13. Loco del Lápiz

    Showcase Chris' Sparkly Art Dump

    Hooooooly cow! That's A LOT of stuff! Seems we have a very powerful creative mind in here, don't we? These characters feel really vivid, fresh. Although their designs seem simple, they are quite striking, mixing the best of anime and modern cartoon desingn. And the colours look so nice in them...
  14. Loco del Lápiz

    What!? A New Magical Girl has appeared!

    Cool! Some of us have been waiting for active roleplayers here. As for the art section, it's also in desperate need for creative minds. Feel free to share your drawings, stories and animations there anytime! Hope you have fun in here, and of course, welcome! ^^
  15. Loco del Lápiz

    What!? A New Magical Girl has appeared!

    Wow, now THAT's a entrance! So, who do we have here... a classic Magical Girl fan, that's for sure... And a future animator, perhaps? Hope that's the case! You'll have to give life to all those characters you have in store. Will we see them any of them in the forum, as in your artwork? Any...
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